Research Project Exhibition

Chaired by Jaime Font, José Fabián Reyes and Lorena Arcega.

Human & Society System Engineering (11:00 – 11:30)

  • Center for sustainable ICT – CESICT.
    John Krogstie.

  • Decarbonizing Software with Free and Open Source Software: The ecoCode Project.
    Olivier Le Goaër.

  • Delfos Platform: Information System for the management of genomic variations.
    Alberto García S., José Fabián Reyes Román, Mireia Costa, Ana León and Oscar Pastor.

  • OGMIOS: An Intelligent System for Supporting Clinical Decisions in Precision Medicine.
    Ana León, José Fabián Reyes Román, Mireia Costa, Alberto García S. and Oscar Pastor. 

  • TEADAL: Trustworthy, Energy-Aware federated Data Lakes along the computing continuum.
    Pierluigi Plebani, Ronen Kat, Frank Pallas, Sebastian Werner, Giacomo Inches, Peeter Laud and Rita Santiago. 

  • Discussion.

Process Mining & Industry Adoption (11:30 – 12:00)

  • A cloud-based platform to support the policymaking: The case of the DECIDO project.
    Antonio Filograna, Philipp Martin, Raphael Sturm, Francisco Sanz and Lucía Moreno.

  • BinTraWine – Blockchain, Tracking and Tracing solutions for Wine.
    Simone Agostinelli, Francesca De Luzi, Michele Manglaviti, Massimo Mecella, Flavia Monti, Fabio Maria Petriccione, Maurizio Mesenzani, Alessandro Pollini, Alice Verioli and Ulderico Amadio.

  • ProAmbitIon: Online Process Conformance Checking with Ambiguities Driven by the Internet of Things.
    Marco Franceschetti, Ronny Seiger, Mauricio Jacobo González González, Enrique Garcia-Ceja, Luis Armando Rodríguez Flores, Luciano García-Bañuelos and Barbara Weber. 

  • ProMiSE: Process Mining Support for End-Users. 
    Francesca Zerbato, Lisa Zimmermann, Hagen Völzer and Barbara Weber.

  • TopKontrol: a monitoring and quality control system for the packaging production.
    Marco Calamo,Adriano De Franceschi, Gabriele De Santis, Francesco Leotta, Civita Mazzaroppi, Jerin George Mathew, Massimo Mecella, Flavia Monti, Claudio Sabatino, Luca Visani and Marco Visani.  

  • Discussion.

Domain Specific Engineering & Modeling (12:00 – 12:30):

  • Agile development of Systems from REquirements to Code (SREC).
    Rene Noel, Rosa Velasquez, José Ignacio Panach and Oscar Pastor.

  • ENACTEST project – European Innovation Alliance for Testing Education.
    Beatriz Marín, Tanja E. J. Vos, Monique Snoeck, Ana C. R. Paiva and Anna Rita Fasolino.

  • Language Engineering for Multi-Level Modeling (LE4MM): A long-term Project to Promote the Integrated Development of Languages, Models and Code.
    Ulrich Frank and Tony Clark.

  • Music360: Modeling the Value of Music.
    Giovanni Giachetti, Daniel Catalá, Blanca de Miguel, Conrado Carrascosa, Maria de Miguel and Oscar Pastor. 

  • Advancing Human Performance in Cybersecurity.
    Ginta Majore, Linas Bukauskas, Stefan Sütterlin and Agnė Brilingaitė. 

  • Discussion