• Integrating process management and event processing in smart factories: A systems architecture and use cases.
    Ronny Seiger, Lukas Malburg, Barbara Weber and Ralph Bergmann.

  • Why Work Around the Process? Analyzing Workarounds Through the Lens of the Theory of Planned Behavior. Pnina Soffer, Nesi Outmazgin, Irit Hadar and Shay Tzafrir.

  • Discrete Global Grid Systems with quadrangular cells as reference frameworks for the current generation of Earth observation data cubes.
    Rubén Béjar, Javier Lacasta, Francisco J. Lopez-Pellicer and Javier Nogueras-Iso.

  • Agile MERODE: a model-driven software engineering method for user-centric and value-based development. Monique Snoeck and Yves Wautelet.

  • Lean requirements traceability automation enabled by model-driven engineering .
    M.J. Escalona, Nora Koch and Laura García-Borgoñón.