• Context-Aware Change Pattern Detection in Event Attributes of Recurring Activities.
    Jonas Cremerius and Mathias Weske.

  • Towards a UML Profile for Designing Smart IoT Data-Centric Applications.
    Houssam Bazza, Sandro Bimonte, Julian Eduardo Plazas, Laure Moiroux Arvis, Hassan Badir, Juan Carlos Corrales and Stefano Rizzi.

  • An End-to-End Approach for Online Decision Mining and Decision Drift Analysis in Process-Aware Information Systems.
    Beate Scheibel and Stefanie Rinderle-Ma.

  • Towards Designing Energy-Aware Cybersecurity Policies.
    Mattia Salnitri, Pierluigi Plebani and Alessandra Raffone.

  • A Data-Driven Methodology for Guiding the Selection of Preprocessing Techniques in a Machine Learning Pipeline.
    Jorge García-Carrasco, Alejandro Maté and Juan Trujillo.

  • Parsing causal models – an instance segmentation approach.
    Jonas Scharfenberger and Burkhardt Funk.

  • Visualising Personal Data Flows: Insights from a Case Study of Booking.com.
    Haiyue Yuan, Matthew Boakes, Xiao Ma, Dongmei Cao and Shujun Li.

  • Rsourcer: Scaling Feedback on Research Drafts.
    Yuchao Jiang, Boualem Benatallah and Marcos Baez.

  • Predictive Recommining: Learning relations between event log characteristics and machine learning approaches for supporting predictive process monitoring.
    Christoph Drodt, Sven Weinzierl, Martin Matzner and Patrick Delfmann.

  • A Goal-Driven Approach to Support Decision-Making with Incomplete Information in Cyber Operations.
    Ahmed Dawoud, Geeta Mahala, Chadni Islam, Wolfgang Mayer, Aditya Ghose, Muhammad Ali Babar, Markus Stumptner and Georg Grossmann.

  • Integrating IoT-Driven Events into Business Processes.
    Yusuf Kirikkayis, Florian Gallik, Ronny Seiger and Manfred Reichert.

  • Adaptive Task-oriented Chatbots Using Feature-based Knowledge Bases.
    Carla Campàs, Quim Motger, Xavier Franch and Jordi Marco.

  • Cicero: An AI-based Writing Assistant for Legal Users.
    Francesca De Luzi, Mattia Macrì, Massimo Mecella and Tommaso Mencattini.

  • AIDA: A Tool for Resiliency in Smart Manufacturing.
    Giuseppe De Giacomo, Marco Favorito, Francesco Leotta, Massimo Mecella, Flavia Monti and Luciana Silo.

  • Conceptual Formalization of Massive Storage for Advancing Decision-making with Data Analytics.
    Vânia Sousa, Daniela Barros, Pedro Guimarães, Antonina Santos and Maribel Yasmina Santos.

  • Towards Leveraging Tests to Identify Impacts of Metamodel and Code Co-evolution.
    Zohra Kaouter Kebaili, Djamel Eddine Khelladi, Mathieu Acher and Olivier Barais.

  • Advancing IS Strategy for Natural History Museums with Method Engineering in the Digital Age.
    Cristabel Evelia Alvarado Pérez, Eulàlia Garcia Franquesa and Joan Antoni Pastor Collado.

  • The KYKLOS Tool for Modeling Changing Capabilities.
    Georgios Koutsopoulos, Martin Henkel and Janis Stirna.