With almost 700,00 habitants, the capital of Aragon is one of the most modern and comfortable cities in Spain.

Bathed by the Ebro river and its tributaries –Huerva and Gallego- a grand core raises, a core which has experiences history and happenings, offering a rich heritage, the fruit of more than two thousand years of history. Iberians, Romans, Muslims, Jewish and Christians left their trace in the capital, making it worthy the title of the City of The Four Cultures.

Zaragoza is a city which is constantly evolving, and there are stark contrasts and surprises on every corner, from its ancient history and different cultures to the more modern, avant-garde parts of the city. Historical monuments and buildings, like the Basilica del PilarLa Seo or the Aljafería Palace sit alongside contemporary buildings such as the Pabellón Puente, the Water Tower, the Palacio de Congresos, the IAACC or the CaixaForum.

Zaragoza oozes culture from every corner of the city; Works by great, renowned artistic geniuses such as Goya, Pablo Gargallo and Pablo Serrano are accompanied by modern street art. Its traditional events and customs along with alternative festivals and shows mean that Zaragoza has a wide range of cultural projects and shows to cater for everyone.