KG4SDSE – Session 2

Chaired by Alexander Völz

  • Employing Knowledge Graphs for Capturing Semantic Aspects of Robotic Process Automation
    Ștefan Uifălean

  • Knowledge Engineering – Formalizing DECENT Metamodel. 
    Angelo Fiorentino, Fadime Kaya and Paul Johannesson.

  • Towards Crisis Response and Intervention using Knowledge Graphs – CRISP Case Study.
    Amin Anjomshoaa, Hannah Schuster, Johannes Wachs and Axel Polleres.

  • Using Knowledge Graphs for Record Linkage: Challenges and Opportunities.
    Andreas Andreou, Donatella Firmani, Jerin George Mathew, Massimo Mecella and Michalis Pingos.

  • A Linked Data Based Advanced Credit Rationale.
    Newres Al Haider, Keng Ng, Ali Hashmi, Lauma Veidemane and Diederik Schut.