KG4SDSE – Session 1

Chaired by Fadime Kaya 

  • Interactive Machine Learning of Knowledge Graph-based Explainable Process Analysis.
    Anne Füßl, Volker Nissen and Stefan Horst Heringklee.

  • Towards Recommendations for Knowledge-graph-based Requirements Management in Construction: a Report on the EU DigiChecks Project. 
    Bram Bazuin, Sander Stolk and Marco Stevens.

  • Semantic Matching through Knowledge Graphs: A Smart City Case. 
    Alexander Völz, Danial M. Amlashi and Moonkun Lee.

  • A Weighted Knowledge Graph for Representing the Results of a Systemic Literature Review. 
    Jolanta Graudone and Marite Kirikova.

  • The RAI Way: A Technical Analysis and Design Method for Building Enterprise Semantic Layers, R. E. K. 
    Stirewalt and Márton Búr.