ISESL – Session 5: User Experience in Smart Life Applications 

Chaired by Angelo Steffenel

  • Making Tourists Experience Smarter by Mitigating Overtourism.
    Tomas Santos, Rui Neto Marinheiro and Fernando Brito E Abreu. 

  • How Do You Ride an Elevator? – Passenger In-Cabin Behaviour Analysis on a Smart-Elevator Platform.
    Tarmo Robal, Uljana Reinsalu.

  • Enhancing the Visitor Experience with Immersive Technologies and Gaming: the Monserrate Use Case.
    Carlos Portugal, David Vaz, Miguel Sales Dias, Alcina Prata, Fernando Brito E Abreu, Pedro Trocado. 

  • A Review of Some Key Social, Behavioural, and Ethical Considerations for Smarter Life Engineering.
    John Murray.