ISESL – Session 1: Opening Session

Chaired by Rébecca Deneckère.

  • Smart Life and Smart Life Engineering.
    Elena Kornyshova, Rébecca Déneckère, Kaoutar Sadouki, Eric Gressier-Soudan, John Murray and Sjaak Brinkkemper.

  • Smart Life Privacy: An Overview of Current Strategies and Future Directions.
    Yulliwas Ameur and Samia Bouzefrane.

  • Smart-Viticulture and Deep Learning: Challenges and Recent Developments on Yield Prediction.
    Lucas Mohimont, Lilian Hollard and Luiz Angelo Steffenel. 

  • Smart city: Road flow management: An adaptation of K-means for Smart Controller Traffic Lights.
    Mohamed Amine Boudia, Philippe Roose and Sébastien Laborie.