HybridAIMS – Industry Keynote and Session 1 (Position Papers)

Chaired by Hans-Friederich Witschel (online).

  • Industry Keynote: Evgeny Kharmalov. Neuro-Symbolic AI for Industry 4.0.

  • Supporting Reuse of Business Process Models by Semantic Annotation.
    Fabian Baumann, Knut Hinkelmann and Devid Montecchiari

  • Hybrid Artificial Intelligence for Realizing a Leadership Assistant for Platform-Based Digital Leadership. Consulting
    Stella Gatziu Grivas and Denis Imhof

  • Developing a Maturity Assessment Tool to Enable the Management of Artificial Intelligence for Organizations.
    Philipp Fukas, Aydin Bozkurt, Nora Lenz and Oliver Thomas