Doctoral Consortium – Session 3

Chaired by Raimundas Matulevicius.

  • Adaptive Filtering Strategies for Social Media Streams.
    Carlo A. Bono – Mentors: Selmin Nurcan and Raimundas Matulevicius. 

  • Keynote: Xavier Franch. This Crazy Little Thing Called PhD.

    Life is hard for a PhD student. Busy advisors, endless deadlines, unfair rejections, expensive coffee, how to handle all of it? It’s a messy journey, but fear not, because this keynote is here to help you navigate the chaos and come out on top! Join for an interactive session where we’ll uncover some key principles that will inspire you to take charge of your everyday PhD routine, among them: strategic thinking, resilience, curiosity, and adaptability – your weapons to conquer the madness. The talk won’t just be throwing theory at you; it will serve up a hearty plate of practical advice and real-life examples to illustrate how to put these principles into action. And… we want to hear from you! Bring your opinions and experiences to the table as we dive deep into these principles. Together, we’ll uncover the hacks, share the struggles, and celebrate the victories of the PhD journey.  Let’s conquer this crazy little thing called PhD, one principle at a time. You’ll rock your PhD like a boss!.

Doctoral Consortium